A Review of 2 Pieces for Solo Guitar

July 24, 2014 at 7:01 pm


Two pieces for solo guitar by Steve Pappas are welcomed additions to the classical guitar repertoire. La Noche Cai Suavemente and Lady Zoe’s Dance fit nicely into the repertoire for the intermediate level player. Steve makes use of his talents as a guitarist and teacher to create music that reflects his own musical style while using traditional form and harmony to produce approachable and enjoyable pieces,

La Noche Cai Suavemente opens with a lyrical style combined with traditional Spanish elements of half-step tension and resolution and the characteristic Phrygian cadence. A players musicianship can be expressed in the sixteen-eight (L’istesso tempo) measure through the groupings of twos and threes as well as in the cadenza-like section with it’s combination of descending melodic line and a bariolage on the open first string. The piece requires a player to have a working knowledge of codas and repeats.

  Lady Zoe’s Dance offers a good introduction to the tuning often used to perform Renaissance pieces on the guitar- scordatura ( here, returning the third string to F#) and applying a capo to the third fret of the guitar. Lady Zoe’s Dance also captures characteristics of Renaissance music with its use of harmony and treatment of outer voices. The triplet section provides a nice contrast to the overall structure of the piece.

Both La Noche Cai Suavemente and Lady Zoe’s Dance demonstrate Steve Pappas’ talent of being musically interesting while catering to the needs of the intermediate guitarist.   – Jim Boyce- http://www.spanishguitar.com/Product/6302/30/Two-Pieces_Pappas,-Steve/